WIC as a Community Safe Haven

by Valerie Alvarez In marginalized communities, community organizations are a safe haven for those struggling with a numerous amount of problems. A problem in particular- teen pregnancy has affected the lives of multiple girls my age that are living in my neighborhood. I recall the struggling young girls my age that would seek resources from … Continue reading WIC as a Community Safe Haven

Pencils, pens, paper…pacifiers?

by Esmeralda Vargas When the school year starts again, many students look forward to ordering that snazzy bookbag or perhaps buying those new Five Star notebooks. What a number of students don’t include in their shopping carts are baby bottles and newborn pacifiers. Some female teenagers have the responsibility of being a parent at a … Continue reading Pencils, pens, paper…pacifiers?

Lawndale Christian Health Center

by Daniela Luna South Lawndale has had an impact on me ever since I started becoming a patient at the Lawndale Christian Health Center Clinic. Through my personal experiences, I have  seen that this clinic is doing great work promoting health equity. The clinic is open to people of any background, race, and culture. As … Continue reading Lawndale Christian Health Center

Lack of Medical Resources in the Underrepresented Chicagoland Areas

Hegewisch      Hegewisch is the type of community where you can ask your neighbor for a cup of sugar. It is where the children frolic in the front yard sprinklers in the humid summer heat and throw icy snowballs at each other’s faces in the frozen temperatures. In Hegewisch, some people go all out … Continue reading Lack of Medical Resources in the Underrepresented Chicagoland Areas

SWOP Impact

SWOP (The Southwest Organization Project) has had a significant impact on the community of West Elsdon. SWOP was created by ministries of the Christian, Muslim and Jewish faith. In addition to SWOP working with West Elsdon, it also engages other southwest communities such as Chicago Lawn, Gage Park, West Lawn, and Ashburn.  Latinos and African … Continue reading SWOP Impact