The working papers series of the Center for Community Health Equity highlights the work of the Center, affiliated faculty and students, as well as community partners.

A wide range of papers will be included in the series, including quantitative and qualitative studies, reviews, commentaries, glossaries, and photo essays. The goal of the series is to nurture cross-institutional discussions about health equity, showcasing the work that is already being done and developing ideas for new projects.

The series is guided by an editorial board drawn from DePaul and Rush. Interested in adding to the series? Find out how to submit you work.


Gun Violence Research from 2018 – 2020: An Annotated Bibliography

Working Paper No. 16

Daniel J. Schober

Apoorva Raikwar

Nicole Li

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Educational Attainment of African Americans in East and West Garfield Park

Working Paper No. 15

​Moriam Yarrow

Nancy Wu

Dominique Dillworth

Alexia Leggin

Monique Reed

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Gun violence, related costs, medical implications, and promising interventions

Working Paper No. 14
2018 Student Paper of the Year

​Allison K. Graebner
MD Candidate
Rush Medical College

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The Alton Health Initiative: An illustrative case report examining the development of a program evaluation strategy for a neighborhood-based health promotion program

Working Paper No. 13​

Daniel J. Schober, PhD, MPH
Master of Public Health Program
DePaul University

Bradley Olson, PhD
College of Professional Studies and Advancement
National Louis University

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Future directions in health disparities research: A compilation from the 2017 Health Disparities Internship Program

Working Paper No. 12

Nisaa F. Aleem

Alexandra Lopez

Ashley N. Lopez

Emily Romero

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Notice, Talk, Refer: A mental health intervention strategy for young adults

Working Paper No. 11

Parth Bhatti

Laura Carther

Michael Dawson

Naomi Wang

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An assessment of physicians’ opinions on health care reform

Working Paper No. 10

Elizabeth R. Hall

Jim Curry

Katherine M. Tynus

Peter Orris

David Ansell

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Developing a model for a lead-focused health fair in Chicago communities

Working Paper No. 9

​Julia Lippert, PhD
Master of Public Health Program
DePaul University

James Montgomery, PhD
Department of Health Sciences
DePaul University

Camille DeMarco, MPH
Master of Public Health Program
DePaul University

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Bring “human libraries” into schools: A proposed early intervention for reducing prejudice and discrimination against children of immigrant families of color

Working Paper No. 8
2017 Student Paper of the Year

Kris (Pui Kwan) Ma
Doctoral student
Department of Psychology
DePaul University

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What is a healthy community?

Working Paper No. 7

Arturo Carrillo, LCSW, PhD, ABD
Saint Anthony Hospital

Magdalena Nava, MPH
Greater Humboldt Park Community Diabetes Empowerment Center

Steven K. Rothschild, MD
Departments of Preventive Medicine and Family Medicine
Rush University Medical Center

Anne Saw, PhD
Department of Psychology
DePaul University

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Integrating principles of positive minority youth development within health promotion to empower the immigrant community: A case study in Chicago

Working Paper No. 6

​Maria J. Ferrera, PhD

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Constructing the index of concentration at the extremes for Chicago

Working Paper No. 5

Fernando De Maio, PhD

Tamalika Sengupta, BA

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A glossary of community-level social determinants of health

Working Paper No. 4

Fernando De Maio, PhD

Adenike Sosina, MPH

Joselyn Williams, MPH

Raj C. Shah, MD

David Ansell, MD MPH

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Reflections on Healthy Chicago 2.0

Working Paper No. 3​

Douglas Bruce, PhD
Department of Health Sciences
DePaul University

Beth S. Catlett, PhD
Department of Women’s and Gender Studies
DePaul University

Crystal M. Glover, PhD
Department of Preventive Medicine
Rush University

Euan Hague, PhD
Department of Geography
DePaul University

Wrenetha Julion, PhD
Department of Women, Children and Family Nursing
Rush University

Chien-Ching Li, PhD
Department of Health Systems Management
Rush University

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Intervention to decrease race-related disparities in amputation rates for peripheral arterial disease

Working Paper No. 2

Samantha Minc, MD

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The role of social entrepreneurship in achieving health equity

Working Paper No. 1

Wm. Marty Martin, PsyD, MPH, MA, MS, MSc

Raj C. Shah, MD

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