The 12th annual Health Equity & Social Justice (HESJ) Conference was held on August 5, 2019, at Malcolm X College in Chicago. The conference was hosted by DePaul University’s Master of Public Health Program and the Center for Community Health Equity.

Keynote Speakers

Keynote speaker Sharon Homan, PhD, MS, President of the Sinai Urban Health InstituteSharon Homan, PhD, MS

President of the Sinai Urban Health Institute

Place-Based Epidemiology: New Thinking to Drive Health Equity

Dr. Homan is a biostatistician and maternal child mental health epidemiologist. Dr. Homan brings a wealth of experience and publications in public health research and evaluation, with particular dedication to maternal and child health, violence prevention and community health improvement initiatives. Her research has been funded by NIH, HRSA, CDC, DOJ, state contracts and foundations.

Keynote speaker Noam Ostrander, PhD, MPH, LCSW, Associate Professor, DePaul UniversityNoam Ostrander, PhD, MPH, LCSW

Associate Professor, DePaul University

The Chicago Gun Violence Research Collaborative: Lessons from a City-Wide Graduate Fellows Program

Dr. Ostrander is is an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Work at DePaul University and is the director of the Chicago Gun Violence Research Collaborative. The Collaborative brings together hospitals, universities, and organizations from across the city to address gun violence. This work builds on Dr. Ostrander’s nearly 20 years’ worth of experience with community gun violence in Chicago both from the side of a service provider and researcher. Through research and publications, Dr. Ostrander has developed an international reputation as an expert on gun violence, disability, and masculinity.


When available, presentations are linked as PDF files.

Opening Keynote Presentation

Breakout Session I

  • Skill Building Workshop
    1. “Did my attending just say that?” How to spot and tactfully handle racism, sexism, and other forms of discrimination within the healthcare setting.
      • M. Byrne (Northwestern McGraw Family Medicine Residency Program)
      • S. Wheat (Northwestern McGraw Family Medicine Residency Program)
  • Skill Building Workshop
    1. Documenting the Mental Health Crisis in Chicago: Assessing accessibility and affordability within Chicago’s mental health service landscape
      • A. Carrillo (Saint Anthony Hospital: Community Wellness Program)
      • D. Adams (University of Chicago)
      • K. Rak (University of Illinois at Chicago: Center for Clinical and Translational Science)
      • C. O’Grady (Saint Anthony Hospital: Community Wellness Program)
  • Skill Building Workshop
    1. Public Health Beyond the Numbers: Building a foundation in qualitative coding and analysis
      • S. Carlberg-Racich (DePaul University)
  • Chicago Department of Public Health Panel
    1. Healthy Chicago 2025: How do we get there?
      • C. Gurin-Sands (Metropolitan Planning Council)
      • J. Arteaga (Local Initiative Support Corporation Chicago)
      • R. Scott (World Business Chicago)
      • K. Casey (Forefront)
  • Skill Building Workshop
    1. Understanding the Impact of the Opioid Epidemic and its Negative Health Outcomes
      • P. Johnson (Chicago Department of Public Health)
  • Oral Presentations on Health Promotion and Equity
    1. Big Marsh Park: An opportunity for equity in the Calumet Corridor
      • P. Fitzgerald (Friends of Big Marsh)
    2. Measuring Progress Toward Equity on Chicago’s West Side
      • P. Roesch (Sinai Urban Health Institute)
    3. Strategies for Health Promotion throughout the West Side of Chicago
      • P. Stanley (Rush University Medical Center)
    4. The Power of Our Stories: Centering health equity in electoral campaigns
      • G. Wagener-Sobrero (University of Washington)
  • Oral Presentations on Violence
    1. Building and Sustaining Collaborative Partnerships for Policy Change: Lessons from the American Public Health Association’s policy statement on law enforcement violence
      • C. Conner (University of Illinois at Chicago)
    2. Examining One Year of Murders in Chicago’s South Shore Neighborhood
      • J. Hoyt (Northwestern University CCAM Research Partners)
    3. Priorities of Adverse Community Experiences, Trauma, and Resilience in Greater Englewood
      • R. Johnson (One Health Englewood)
    4. Addressing Violence through a Community Centered Approach
      • C. Otoo (Lurie Children’s Hospital)
  • Poster Presentations

​Breakout Session II

  • Center for Community Health Equity Annual Public Meeting
    • F. De Maio (DePaul University)
    • R. Shah (Rush University Medical Center)
  • DePaul University Master of Public Health Program Information Session
    • J. Mazzeo (DePaul University)
  • Skill Building Workshop
    1. Beyond the Binary: Gender 101
      • H. Safi (Lurie Children’s Hospital)
      • J. Leininger (Lurie Children’s Hospital)
      • L. Pierce (Lurie Children’s Hospital)
  • Skill Building Workshop
    1. So, what do I do with all these interviews? Taking a strategic approach to analyzing qualitative data in community health practice
      • D. Schober (DePaul University)
  • Oral Presentations on Policy
    1. From Data to Experience to Action: Filling critical gaps in the overdose epidemic
      • S. Carlberg-Racich (DePaul University)
    2. Finding the Corrections Connection
      • A. Hamm (Illinois Department of Public Health)
    3. “Soy una mujer con mucha Resistencia y resilencia” Supporting the mental health of Latina immigrants through a CHW-led peer support group program
      • A. Benitez (Enlace Chicago)
      • I. Hernandez (Enlace Chicago)
  • Skill Building Workshop
    1. Effectively Engaging Communities in Large-scale Assessment and Implementation Processes to Collectively Improve Health Equity
      • A. Goodall (Illinois Public Health Institute)
      • J. Sampson (Mercy Hospital & Medical Center)
      • J. Bassett (Rush University Medical Center)
  • Skill Building Workshop
    1. Health Equity Mapping using Tableau Public
      • E. Yang (Rush University Medical Center)
      • B. Lange-Maia (Rush University Medical Center)
  • Oral Presentations on Youth
    1. Teens and Mean Screens: A Qualitative exploration of youth media use, exposure to vicarious racism and perceptions of health
      • A. Cohen (Lurie Children’s Hospital)
    2. ConnecTeen: Support for pregnant and parenting students at Chicago Public Schools
      • E. Gonzalez (Lurie Children’s Hospital)
    3. Uncovering the Top Social Issues Affecting Chicago Youth
      • M. Heffernan (Lurie Children’s Hospital)
    4. Using a Multi-Disciplinary Task Force to Promote Student Health and Wellbeing
      • L. Helmcamp (Lurie Children’s Hospital)

Breakout Session III

  • Skill Building Workshop
    1. Changing How We Do Epidemiology: Applying place-based methods to achieve health equity
      • M. Reina (Chicago Department of Public Health)
      • E. Laflamme (Chicago Department of Public Health)
      • E. Jorgensen (Chicago Department of Public Health)
  • Skill Building Workshop
    1. What Healthcare Institutions Can Do to Become More Immigrant-Welcoming
      • P. Stanley (Rush University Medical Center)
      • B. Shaw (Rush College of Nursing)
      • S. Shetty (Rush Medical College)
  • Skill Building Workshop
    1. Responding to the Overdose Crisis: From evidence to common sense practice
      • S. Carlberg-Racich (DePaul University)
      • I. Espinosa-Ravi (Chicago Recovery Alliance)
      • J. Gutenson (Chicago Recovery Alliance)
  • Panel
    1. Towards an Age-Friendly Chicago: The Healthy Chicago Older Adult Health databook
      • R. Shah (Rush University Medical Center)
      • B. Lange-Maia (Rush University Medical Center)
      • F. De Maio (DePaul University)
  • Skill Building Workshop
    1. Shaping Health Equity through Innovative Workforce Development
      • S. Rittner (Center for Health Equity Transformation)
      • H. Reyes (Center for Health Equity Transformation)
      • R. Dahdouh (Center for Health Equity Transformation)
      • M. Nava (Center for Health Equity Transformation)
      • C. Hardacker (Howard Brown Health)
      • M. Austin (Northwestern University)
      • A. Reyes (Northwestern University)
  • Panel
    1. Addressing High Blood Pressure through a Community Health Worker Intervention in Westside Chicago Churches
      • D. Schober (DePaul University)
      • E. Lynch (Rush University)
      • D. Rodriguez (Alliant Insurance Services)
      • M. Tate (DePaul University)
      • T. Berumen (Rush University Medical Center)
  • Oral Presentations on Clinical Care
    1. Living Independently for Tomorrow (LIFT): A transitional living program for spinal cord injury patients on the Southwest Side of Chicago
      • J. Jacobs (Sinai Urban Health Institute)
    2. Building the Foundation: Blueprint for a healthcare and homelessness elective in medical school clinical education
      • A. Napleton (Rush Medical College)
      • R. Jaswaney (Rush Medical College)
    3. Lessons Learned from an MLP Integrated into a Provider-based Care Coordination Team
      • A. Setrini (Legal Aid Chicago)

Closing Keynote Speaker