David Ansell, MD, MPH, Rush University Medical CenterDavid Ansell, MD, MPH

Rush University Medical Center

​I am currently the senior vice president and associate provost for community health equity, and the Michael E. Kelly Professor of Medicine at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. I am a practicing physician and a social epidemiologist who has worked on Chicago’s Westside since 1978. My work as a doctor, researcher and health improver has focused on overcoming the structural forces of racism, poverty and neighborhood and their impact on health outcomes in the United States. I have written and lectured widely on the effect of racism, insurance status, neighborhood and income on life expectancy in America. I am co-founder and board president of the Metropolitan Chicago Breast Cancer Taskforce a not-for-profit organization dedicated to eliminating racial and ethnic inequity in breast cancer mortality. I am the author of two books, County: Life, Death and Politics at Chicago’s Public Hospital, Academy Chicago Press, 2011 and The Death Gap: How Inequality Kills, University of Chicago Press, 2017.

Sally A. Arif, PharmD, BCPS (AQ Cardiology), Midwestern University, Chicago College of PharmacySally A. Arif, PharmD, BCPS (AQ Cardiology)

Midwestern University, Chicago College of Pharmacy

I am a clinical pharmacist and associate professor at Midwestern University, Chicago College of Pharmacy. My research and teaching focuses on reducing health inequities through the provision of culturally competent healthcare. I work closely with community partners to promote student pharmacist led-health awareness and disease prevention programs to address health disparities in the Arab and refugee communities.

Lisa Barnes, PhD, Departments of Neurological Sciences and Behavioral Sciences, RushLisa Barnes, PhD

Departments of Neurological Sciences and Behavioral Sciences, Rush | lisa_l_barnes@rush.edu

I am a cognitive neuropsychologist with expertise in health disparities of chronic diseases of aging. My research focuses on understanding the social and environmental factors that lead to poor health among aging persons of color. Read more

Julia Bassett, MBA, Office of Community Engagement, RushJulia Bassett, MBA

Office of Community Engagement, Rush | julia_s_bassett@rush.edu

I am the Community Benefit Specialist at Rush University Medical Center with a dedicated interest in coordinating and overseeing community based programs and activities that build partnerships in Chicago communities.

Jessica Bishop-Royse, PhD, Social Science Research Center, DePaulJessica Bishop-Royse, PhD

Social Science Research Center, DePaul | jbishopr@depaul.edu

I am a demographer and medical sociologist. My research interests include research methods and health disparities across the life course.

Cynthia Boyd, MD, MBA, FACP, Rush Medical College, RushCynthia Boyd, MD, MBA, FACP

Rush Medical College, Rush | cynthia_e_boyd@rush.edu

I am a general internist and associate professor of medicine on the faculty of Rush Medical College with a specific interest in diversity and inclusion in medical school admissions and across the continuum of academic medicine as a means to address health and health care disparities. I serve as the dean for admissions and recruitment for Rush Medical College and chief compliance officer for Rush University Medical Center.

Douglas Bruce, PhD, MSW, Department of Health Sciences, DePaulDouglas Bruce, PhD, MSW

Department of Health Sciences, DePaul | dbruce1@depaul.edu

I am a public health researcher whose work focuses on social determinants of gay men’s health, in particular the secondary prevention needs of youth living with HIV/AIDS. I have extensive experience working with diverse communities in the areas of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment and substance use treatment and have developed and implemented community-based participatory research partnerships with sexual minority male youth experiencing homelessness and the providers who work with them. Read more

Suzanne Carlberg-Racich, PhD, MSPH, Master of Public Health Program, DePaulSuzanne Carlberg-Racich, PhD, MSPH

Master of Public Health Program, DePaul | scarlber@depaul.edu

I am an Assistant Professor in the Master of Public Health Program at DePaul. The primary aim of my scholarly work is to investigate access to quality services to improve the health of disenfranchised populations. Within this aim, populations of particular focus include persons who inject drugs, and persons living with HIV and/or hepatitis C. Read more

Jocelyn Carter, PhD, Department of Psychology, DePaulJocelyn Carter, PhD

Department of Psychology, DePaul | jsmithcarter@gmail.com

I am a clinical psychologist who specializes in health promotion and stress reduction in urban children, adolescents, and families. Read more

Beth Catlett, PhD, Department of Women's and Gender Studies; Beck Research Initiative for Women, Gender, and Community, DePaulBeth Catlett, PhD

Department of Women’s and Gender Studies; Beck Research Initiative for Women, Gender, and Community, DePaul | bcatlett@depaul.edu

I am a feminist scholar who specializes in community-based programs and research involving gendered violence and social movements to create community change. My primary areas of interest include violence in interpersonal relationships, youth-led participatory action research, and the uses of contemplative practices to inspire social justice. Read more

Fernando De Maio, PhDFernando De Maio, PhD, Co-Director, Center for Community Health Equity

DePaul | fdemaio@depaul.edu

I am a sociologist specializing in the social determinants of health. Much of my work has revolved around the “income inequality hypothesis”, an idea that suggests that our health is dependent not just on our own income or our family’s income – but on how income is distributed in our communities. I have also conducted work on the effects of discrimination on the health of immigrants. At DePaul I teach courses on health equity, global health, and statistical analysis. Read more

Tishanna Dillard, MA (Fall 2019)Tishanna Dillard Picture CCHE

College of Communication, DePaul |tishanna.dillard@unitypoint.org

Originally from the Chicago suburbs, I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication (Public Relations concentration) at Louisiana State University. More recently, I became a research assistant for a professor within DePaul University’s College of Communication, assisting with research pertaining to a variety of women’s health issues (often looking toward minorities) while working on my Master of Arts in Health Communication. I am graduating this fall 2019 quarter. Additionally, I have taken on a new role of Marketing Operations Specialist at Top of the World Ranch, an addiction treatment center located in the Quad Cities. Working remotely from the Chicago area, I will broaden the center’s reach in the Chicago market.”  I will be providing feedback on the health equity blogs developed by the inaugural Center for Community Health Equity Youth Advisory Board members.

Rebecca Feinstein, LCSW, PhD, BMO-Harris Bank Health Disparities Research FellowRebecca Feinstein, LCSW, PhD

BMO-Harris Bank Health Disparities Research Fellow | Rebecca_Feinstein@rush.edu

Over the past 15 years, I have worked as an academic researcher, lecturer, public health educator, and clinical social worker with a goal of improving reducing health disparities and increasing access to health care services for vulnerable populations. My research primarily utilizes qualitative methods to examine the impact of stressful events over the life course, such as the social determinants of health, adverse childhood experiences, and illness and disability on health outcomes and access to health care services.

Presently, I am conducting a mixed-methods evaluation of a Collaborative Care for Depression Management program for Medicaid-insured adults living in vulnerable communities in Chicago with high rates of poverty and ethnic diversity

Cambren Grimmett, MHA, Human Resources Rush Oak Park HospitalCambren Grimmett, MHA

Human Resources Rush Oak Park Hospital

I am the Human Resources Coordinator at Rush Oak Park Hospital. I currently serve on the Policy Committee for the Association of State Public Health Nutritionists, focusing on health equity as it relates to healthy foods, and also Chair the Policy Committee for the National Association of Health Services Executives. I am passionate about health equity, health advocacy, and decreasing health disparities within the Chicago-land area.

Crystal M. Glover, PhD, Department of Preventive Medicine, RushCrystal M. Glover, PhD

Department of Preventive Medicine, Rush | crystal_glover@rush.edu

I belong to the Department of Preventive Medicine Faculty at Rush University Medical Center. I am a social psychologist and mixed-methodologist focused on health disparities related to healthcare utilization and comorbid physical and mental health issues.

Euan Hague, PhD, MA, School of Public Service, DePaulEuan Hague, PhD, MA

School of Public Service, DePaul | ehague@depaul.edu

I am a Professor and Director of the School of Public Service at DePaul University. I have been a Steans Center Fellow for Community-based research and explored issues of urban inequality and sustainable urban development. Read more

LaDawne Jenkins, MSRA, Center for Community Health EquityLaDawne Jenkins, MSRA

Center for Community Health Equity | LaDawne_Jenkins@rush.edu

I am the Administrator for the Center of Community Health Equity at Rush University Medical Center. My work in research focuses on reducing health disparities and improving the quality of life in underserved communities in the city of Chicago.

Jessica Jerome, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Sciences, DePaulJessica Jerome, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Health Sciences, DePaul | jsjerome00@gmail.com

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Sciences at DePaul. My research focuses on how people in disenfranchised communities access health care in urban Brazil and Chicago. I am particularly interested in how the state facilitates this access (at times), and (at other times) creates barriers to health care.

Rebecca Johnson, PhD

Research Assistant Professor of Medical Social Sciences, Center for Community Health, Northwestern University

Dr. Johnson is a social gerontologist whose research focuses on social and economic factors impacting health, well-being and quality of life of older adults. She partnered with the City of Chicago on the age-friendly assessment and is currently evaluating a city-wide initiative to support older adults with dementia and their caregivers. She led the HAPEER project team and provided interview and listening skills training to home-care aides delivering community-based home care services. Dr. Johnson supports faith-based communities interested in engaging with research, providing education about community health assessments and asset mapping. Current work includes a collaborative partnership engaging community media to disseminate research evidence to communities experiencing health disparities.

Tricia Johnson, PhD, Department of Health Systems Management, RushTricia Johnson, PhD

Department of Health Systems Management, Rush | tricia_j_johnson@rush.edu

I am a health economist with a passion for increasing the value of the healthcare system to ultimately improve health and eliminate health inequities. Read more

Wrenetha A. Julion, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN, RushWrenetha A. Julion, PhD, MPH, RN, FAAN

Rush | wrenetha_a_julion@rush.edu

I am a nursing professor and researcher committed to the advancement of diversity, cultural competency and social justice through science, education and practice. My community-based, collaborative research with families of color saves lives, strengthens the family, stabilizes communities, and challenges health disparities.

Brittney Lange-Maia, PhD, MPH, RushBrittney Lange-Maia, PhD, MPH

Rush | Brittney_Lange-Maia@rush.edu

I am an epidemiologist and clinical data analyst for the center where my work focuses on health disparities using both clinical and community data. I also have experience in both aging and physical activity epidemiology, and I have a strong interest in promoting health throughout the lifespan.

Tracey Lewis-Elligan, PhDTracey Lewis-Elligan, PhD

Department of Sociology, DePaul University

I am an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology at DePaul University. My work is driven by a community based participatory research approach with an aim to address social inequalities. I have a special interest in women’s health- from childbirth and aging- and family. My current project investigates Chicago’s birth worker community and their role in promoting reproductive health.

Chien-Ching Li, PhD, MPH, Department of Health Systems Management, RushChien-Ching Li, PhD, MPH

Department of Health Systems Management, Rush | chien-ching_li@rush.edu

I am a Health Services Researcher and an Assistant Professor at Rush University in the Department of Health Systems Management. My primary research interests are in the areas of cancer prevention, health disparity, population health, and health services & outcomes research. I am an expert in analyzing population-based longitudinal data for cross-national health comparison research.

Julia Lippert, PhD, Master of Public Health Program, DePaulJulia Lippert, PhD

Master of Public Health Program, DePaul | jlipper1@depaul.edu

I am an environmental and occupational health scientist working to reduce health inequities in our communities and workplaces.

Joshua LongcoyJoshua Longcoy's photo

Rush| joshua_longcoy@rush.edu

Joshua Longcoy joined Rush University Medical Center after nearly 5 years at AdventHealth Tampa as a data analyst and one year as a statistician at the Lombardi Cancer Prevention Center in Georgetown University. His statistical knowledge in multilevel modelling and missing data has produced results that have been applied to both the nursing field and community health in terms of the interventions implemented.

Gina Lowell, MD, MPH, Rush University Children’s Hospital & Community Health for Pediatrics, RushGina Lowell, MD, MPH

Rush University Children’s Hospital & Community Health for Pediatrics, Rush | Gina_Lowell@rush.edu

I am a general pediatrician at Rush University Children’s Hospital with specialty interests in childhood injury and child abuse and neglect. I’ve worked with families from Chicago’s West and South Side community areas for the past 15 years. As Rush’s Director of Community Health for Pediatrics since 2016 I have worked to develop maternal-child health initiatives directed at improving the health of Chicago’s communities through addressing the intersection of social determinants of health and maternal-child health outcomes. This work has been achieved through multidisciplinary collaboration and partnerships with community, city and state stakeholder institutions. Most recently our maternal-child health team has had the opportunity to work with Chicago’s West Side home visiting and doula programs, the Ounce of Prevention Fund, and the Illinois Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting program to develop a collaborative initiative to connect families affected by childhood adversity to community programs and resources to support the needs demanded by the enduring and generational effects of toxic stress. Prior to this work I conducted research in unintentional injury prevention using both hospital-based and national data systems.

Concurrent with these efforts I practice in general pediatrics at the Rush Pediatric Primary Care Center and as consultant for Rush’s Child Protection Team, providing care for children who have suffered maltreatment and those who have entered the foster care system. I received my M.D. from Rush Medical College in 2002, completed my residency training in Pediatrics at the University of Chicago in 2005, and completed my General Academic Pediatrics Fellowship and received my Master’s in Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2008.

Elizabeth Lynch, PhD, Department of Preventive Medicine, RushElizabeth Lynch, PhD

Department of Preventive Medicine, Rush | elizabeth_lynch@rush.edu

I am a social scientist whose work focuses on community-based behavioral interventions to reduce health disparities. Recent projects include a randomized controlled trial to test a culturally tailored intervention to improve diabetes self-management among low income African Americans with type 2 diabetes and a community-based participatory research project in which researchers partnered with African American pastors to design and test a faith-based intervention to improve diet quality in African American church members.

Marty Martin, PsyD, MPH, Driehaus College of Business, DePaulMarty Martin, PsyD, MPH

Driehaus College of Business, DePaul | martym@depaul.edu

I am a licensed clinical psychologist who happens to serve as a business school faculty member who teaches business, public health, health informatics and entrepreneurship students.

My applied research focuses on developing, testing, improving and delivering innovative solutions to wicked problems in healthcare, community health, and population health.

John Mazzeo, PhD, Director, Master of Public Health Program, DePaulJohn Mazzeo, PhD

Director, Master of Public Health Program, DePaul | jmazzeo@depaul.edu

I am a medical anthropologist by training, and work primarily in Haiti on issues of community health, livelihood systems, and food security. I serve as the Director of the Master of Public Health Program and have an appointment in the Department of Anthropology at DePaul University.

Enid Montague, PhDEnid Montague

College of Computing and Digital Media, DePaul | emontag1@cdm.depaul.edu

I am a multidisciplinary researcher and designer at the intersection of human factors, human computer interaction, systems engineering and health and wellness. My research focuses on understanding and mitigating unintended consequences of technology in complex sociotechnical systems, designing for appropriate use, trust and acceptance and generating guidelines for the design of safe, efficient, and effective technologies and systems. In addition to my engineering background, I have unique training and expertise in critical cultural theory and understanding the needs of diverse users. My goals are to make impactful contributions to improving human health and wellbeing through innovative research and design.

Noufo NabineNoufo Nabine

Chicago Scholars | nnabine@chicagoscholars.org

Noufo Nabine serves as the Manager of Career Planning and Exploration for Chicago Scholars. She coordinates and leads professional developments for Chicago Scholars and helps connect scholars to internships and career opportunities.

Christopher Nolan, RushChristopher Nolan

Rush | christopher_nolan@rush.edu

I am the Manager of Community Benefit and Population Health at Rush University Medical Center and Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Health Systems Management at Rush University. I am passionate about decreasing health disparities and improving the overall health of the greater-Chicago community.

Noam Ostrander, PhD, LCSW, Department of Social Work, DePaulNoam Ostrander, PhD, LCSW

Department of Social Work, DePaul | rostran1@depaul.edu

I am an associate professor and Chair of the Department of Social Work at DePaul University. My primary research interests are community gun violence, disability, and injection drug use. Read more

Susan Paola, MD, RushSusan Paola, MD

Rush | Paola_Susan@rush.edu

I am a family medicine physician and assistant professor at Rush University. My career goals have been driven by my passion to improve medical care and eliminate healthcare disparities, I have a special interest in woman’s and elderly health, LGBTQ care and the underserved populations. I am a determined provider with a strong commitment to patient care who truly believes in excellent care for all.

Sasha PenaSasha Pena

Chicago Scholars | spena@chicagoscholars.org

As the Director of Career and Leadership Development I oversee all career events and programs for Scholars resulting in full-time positions, and increased Scholar satisfaction with the support of the organization. Additionally, I manage key career programs that help Scholars explore careers, develop as leaders, and expand their networks.

Janice M. Phillips, MS, PhD, RN, CENP, FAAN, RushJanice M. Phillips, MS, PhD, RN, CENP, FAAN

Rush | Janice_Phillips@rush.edu

Janice Phillips is an experienced clinician, researcher, educator, and public policy advocate in the health care arena who completed service as a 2010-2011 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health Policy Fellow, working in the office of Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV (D-WV). She is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including the 2006 Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Award from the University of Chicago Medical Center, the 2007 Nursing Spectrum’s “Advancing and Leading the Profession Award” and the Nursing Outlook’s Excellence in Health Policy Award from the American Academy of Nursing. Dr. Phillips is the author of more than 80 publications, four edited textbooks, and a health policy column. Janice holds a BSN from North Park College, an MS in Community Health from St. Xavier College, and a PhD in Nursing from the University of Illinois, College of Nursing. She is a member of the American Academy of Nursing and the Institute of Medicine of Chicago. Dr. Phillips is the Director of Nursing Research and Health Equity at Rush University Medical Center and a Fellow in the Public Voices OpED Project.

Dr. Phillips is the author of more than 80 publications, four edited textbooks, and a health policy column. Janice holds a BSN from North Park College, an MS in Community Health from St. Xavier College, and a PhD in Nursing from the University of Illinois, College of Nursing. She is a member of the American Academy of Nursing and the Institute of Medicine of Chicago. Dr. Phillips is the Director of Nursing Research and Health Equity at Rush University Medical Center.

Laura Maria Pigozzi, PhDPigozzi_02BWweb

Visiting Assistant Professor, Northwestern University | laura.pigozzi@northwestern.edu

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at Northwestern University. I research in the immigrant Latinx community studying intercultural health communication and issues with clinical and trial consent.  My work lives in the interdisciplinary field of the Rhetoric of Health and Medicine and works toward increased comprehension and accessible, usable communications.

Robin Pratts, MHA, Rush Health & Aging, RushRobin Pratts, MHA

Rush Health & Aging, Rush | robin_p_mcconney@rush.edu

I manage Rush Generations and health promotion programs for Rush Health and Aging reaching 15,000 members annually.I am passionate about reducing health disparities and my innovative work in the community, The Health Legacy Program for Women, where underserved women are connected with health education, exercise, nutrition counseling, and support services. The program has reached over 200 Chicago families and continues to expand working in partnership with faith organizations on the south and west sides of Chicago.

Gita Rampersad, JD, MHAGR headshot DB 2015

Principal, HEALTH Reimagined™ | gita@health-reimagined.com

I am a passionate population health professional and seasoned healthcare transactional attorney with a successful history of accelerating efforts to tackle health and health care disparities; diversity, equity and inclusion; the social determinants of health and care coordination. A native of Chicago, IL, I design and execute critical strategies, programs and policies to strengthen the US health system and address causes of morbidity, mortality and disease. Currently, I lend my voice and expertise to senior leaders of US healthcare organizations as they strive to generate novel health equity portfolios in an era of rapid demographic change. As affiliate faculty at CCHE, I work closely with the co-directors to better understand the national health equity landscape.

Monique Reed, PhD, RN, Department of Community Systems and Mental Health Nursing, RushMonique Reed, PhD, RN

Department of Community Systems and Mental Health Nursing, Rush | monique_reed@rush.edu

I am a public health nurse researcher with a special interest in childhood obesity prevention and management, designing interventions with African American mother/ daughter dyads and community engaged/ community based participatory research approaches. Read more

Andrew Reeder, RushAndrew Reeder

Rush | andrew_reeder@rush.edu

I am a HIPAA Privacy and Security professional who provides operational leadership to achieve regulatory compliance around information protection. My major responsibilities include incident response; coordination of patient privacy rights actions; and policy development of policies. I am a contributor to the Data Workgroup team of the Healthy Chicago Hospital Collaborative.

Steven K. Rothschild, MD, Departments of Preventive Medicine and Family Medicine, RushSteven K. Rothschild, MD

Departments of Preventive Medicine and Family Medicine, Rush

I am a family physician and researcher, and since opening my practice in Chicago’s Mexican-American Pilsen neighborhood in 1988, my work has been shaped by first-hand observations of the profound adverse impact of chronic illnesses among Latinos and African Americans. My research passion is reducing health inequities in diabetes, depression, asthma, and other chronic diseases, by building on community capacity through methods such as community health workers, and enhancing healthcare delivery through primary care redesign and interprofessional team based approaches. Follow me on Twitter@ComunidadYSalud (Community & Health).

Lisa Sanchez-Johnsen, Ph.D.

Rush | Lisa_Sanchez-Johnsen@rush.edu

Dr. Lisa Sánchez-Johnsen (she, her, hers) is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at Rush University Medical Center and a licensed clinical psychologist. She has over 25 years of experience conducting research and clinical work with Latinxs and other ethnic minorities in the area of culturally competent health behavior change. She has research interests in culturally competent health care, culturally competent obesity (diet, physical activity, and body image) interventions and assessments for Latinxs and Blacks using community-engaged approaches, disparities in weight loss after bariatric surgery across ethnic groups, and cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular risk reduction in Latinxs and other underserved groups. She also has experience in patient and community-based approaches to health research and in training community health workers/ health promoters to conduct obesity interventions. Dr. Sanchez-Johnsen has a strong commitment to training and mentoring faculty, students, and trainees and will play a critical role in helping faculty in the Department of Family Medicine to develop research related to family medicine, community health, and health equity.

Anne Saw, PhD, Department of Psychology, DePaulAnne Saw, PhD

Department of Psychology, DePaul | asaw@depaul.edu

I am a clinical-community psychologist whose research focuses on understanding and intervening to reduce health and mental health disparities for Asian immigrants and other underserved individuals and communities. Read more

John Schlichtman, PhD, Department of Sociology, DePaulJohn Schlichtman, PhD

Department of Sociology, DePaul | jschlich@depaul.edu

I am an assistant professor of Urban Sociology at DePaul who is invigorated by the potential of healthy, equitable, just, and productive communities. My interests relate to housing, community development, gentrification, and urban economies in the context of global economic change. Read more

Dan Schober, PhD, Master of Public Health Program, DePaulDan Schober, PhD

Master of Public Health Program, DePaul | dschober@depaul.edu

I conduct community-based research and evaluation across two areas: 1. The prevention of community violence (child sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, gun violence, and related risk factors such as substance abuse) 2. The prevention of chronic disease (childhood obesity, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease).

Karyn Stewart, PhD, Department of Sociology, DePaulKaryn Stewart, PhD

Department of Sociology, DePaul | kstewa36@depaul.edu

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology with a passion for research. I am interested in exploring US-Born/Foreign-Born differences in maternal child health. In my work, I have examined racial and nativity differences in low birth weight and preterm birth. My more immediate work will involve a qualitative exploration of Black women’s perspectives related to maternal mortality.

Colleen Stiles-Shields, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, Rush

Dr. Colleen Stiles-Shields is a licensed clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor in the Section of Population Behavioral Health and the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. Her research is centered around harnessing digital mental health and telehealth as delivery mechanisms to reach and improve behavioral health targets for pediatric populations. Within this work, she specifically aims to design/adapt, evaluate, and disseminate technologies to better meet the needs of underserved pediatric populations and their families.

Susan Swider, PhD, APHN-BC, FAAN, Professor, Community, Systems and Mental Health Nursing, RushSusan Swider, PhD, APHN-BC, FAAN

Professor, Community, Systems and Mental Health Nursing, Rush | susan_m_swider@rush.edu

I have practiced nursing in acute care, home health care and public health settings. My research has focused on program development and evaluation of community health worker interventions, and engaging urban communities in health promotion efforts. In 2011, I was appointed by President Obama to the Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion and Integrative and Public Health, a group designed to advise on the development and implementation of the National Prevention Strategy. Read more

Christine Young, PhD, MPHChristine Young - photo 2

Consultant, HEALTH Reimagined™ | research@health-reimagined.com

I am an experienced researcher and analyst with a history of conducting quantitative analyses and compiling data into detailed summaries and reports. I currently provide research support to HEALTH Reimagined™ for numerous national health equity projects. My primary interest is enhancing policy development to improve health equity, healthcare access for the under-privileged and preventive health. I hold a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh and am a recent graduate of the MPH program in health policy at George Washington University. As affiliate faculty at CCHE, my work focuses on how to better understand the national health equity landscape.