Hosted by the DePaul Master of Public Health program and the Center for Community Health Equity.

Our 2017 conference, held at the DePaul Loop Campus on August 8, 2017, focused on the public health/health equity work being done by government agencies, community organizations, healthcare systems, and universities in the context of an uncertain political climate.

Keynote Speaker​

Evan Lyon, Chief Integrated Health Officer at Heartland Health OutreachDr. Evan Lyon

Chief Integrated Health Officer at Heartland Health Outreach

Dr. Lyon is the Chief Integrated Health Officer at Heartland Health Outreach serving the primary care, behavioral health, psychiatric, and oral health needs of people experiencing homelessness in Chicago.

His academic interests encompass global health, human rights scholarship and advocacy, social medicine, prisoner health, and medical education. He has collaborated with Partners In Health in Haiti and at other sites for more than 20 years. Dr. Lyon is an advocate, researcher, and author on health and human rights. He is on the board of the Human Rights Program at the University of Chicago and is a contributing editor at the academic journal “Health and Human Rights.” Dr. Lyon is the lead faculty on a University of Chicago funded project to advance “Rights-based Approaches to Tuberculosis” in collaboration with the Law School.


When available, presentations are linked as PDF files.

Opening Keynote

  • Human Rights, Health Equity, and Working for Justice
    • Evan Lyon, MD, Chief Integrated Health Officer, Heartland Health Outreach, Chicago, IL

​Breakout Session I

Breakout Session II

  • Art Exhibit
    1. Working Mothers of Chicago: An Exploration of Lived Experiences (A. Shah, C. DeMarco, L. Ebeling, & S. Carlberg-Racich)
  • Oral Presentations
    1. A Glimpse of the Future: Integrating State of the Art HCV Testing and Treatment into Harm Reduction Outreach (D. Bigg & S. Carlberg-Racich)
    2. Research Ethics and Photovoice with Stigmatized Communities: Perceptions of Autonomy, Competence, and Relatedness (S. Carlberg-Racich & N. Pallas)
  • Oral Presentations
    1. Voices of Health Equity in Chicago: A Qualitative Archive (F. De Maio, R. Shah, C. Joblin, A. Miller, R. Patino, J. Ibrahim Puri, S. Wozniak, J. Mazzeo, & D. Ansell)
    2. Review of Health Equity Research in Chicago, 2016 (S. Auger & R. Shah)
  • Master of Public Health Program Information Session (J. Mazzeo)
  • Oral Presentations
    1. Evaluating Breast Cancer Facilities by Assessing the Relationship between Proportion of Onsite Radiologists and Numbers of Illinois Quality Benchmarks Achieved (D. Sighoko, H.C. Huang, D. Ansell, & A.M. Murphy)
    2. Eleven Year Decrease in Invasive Breast Cancer Incidence among NHW Women 50+ years, SEER 1973-2014 (D. Sighoko, B. Irrizary, D. Ansell, & A.M. Murphy)
  • Oral Presentations
    1. Improving Patient Outcomes for Childhood Obesity through a Coordinated System of Care (A. Carvlin, G. Rodriguez, & M. Elsner)
    2. Change in Food and Beverage Availability and Marketing in Rockford, IL after the Introduction of a Healthy Food Financing Initiative Supported Supermarket (C. Singleton, Y. Li, A. Odoms-Young, S. Zenk, & L. Powell)

Breakout Session III

Breakout Session IV

  • Art Exhibit
    1. Call to Action: A Visual Phenomenology of Stigma (S. Carlberg-Racich & N. Pallas)
  • Oral Presentations
    1. Leave No Homie Behind: A Peer Education Approach to Urban Health Justice (A. Day Davis)
    2. LGBTQ&A: The Aging Project Defining Access, Needs, and Barriers Among LGBTQ Older Adults in Cook County (K. Rice, C. Niemet, & A Durbin)
  • Oral Presentations
    1. CHAT Program: Addressing Sexual Health disparities through a School-Based, Youth-Informed Initiative (E. Perez)
    2. To Plant a Gardeneer is to Believe in Tomorrow: A Collective Case Study of a Chicago Community-Based Organization Focused on Health Education Through School Gardens (K. Day, M. Tsupros, & D. Schober)
  • Center for Community Health Equity Information Session (F. De Maio & R. Shah)
  • Creative Media Display
    1. Illness Narratives: Exploring the Chronic Disease Experience in Caring for a Vulnerable Population (L. Shaull)
  • Oral Presentations
    1. Examining the Nativity Gap in Low Birth Weight between U.S.-Born and Foreign-Born Black Women (K. Stewart)
    2. The Health Legacy Program for Women: Reducing Health Disparities: One Woman, One Family, and One Community at a Time (R. Pratts, D. Mitchem, A. Mansker, & E. Chin)

Closing Panel