The Center for Community Health Equity has several open internship positions. If interested, apply through the link below.

CCHE Unpaid Internships

To apply for any of the below internship opportunities, please complete this form.

Web Development, Social Media and Communications Intern for CCHE

Students would be able to utilize their developing knowledge and expertise in communication, computing and/or digital media design. Students can gain experience assessing the current CCHE website and social media presence, web development, digital content management, disseminating critical public health information through social media outlets.

Chicago Youth Scholars/CCHE Youth Advisory Board Intern

The Chicago Youth Scholars/CCHE Youth Advisory Board is an opportunity for leadership development for high school students who may be first to college juniors or seniors in Chicago Youth Scholars to co-develop a better understanding of health equity issues from their perspectives and to infuse that information into the annual goals of the CCHE through the Direction Core.  The coordinator will oversee the efforts of the faculty from Chicago Youth Scholars and the CCHE Youth Advisory Board in the logistics planning of virtual sessions, support of the creation and integration of youth health equity blogs on the CCHE website with the Web Development Intern; design and collation of a solutions “yearbook” for improving health equity; collating and maintaining a list of community resources supporting youth engagement in health equity; and, in the interview and onboarding process for Advisory Board members.

CCHE Alumni Board Intern

The CCHE Alumni Board is composed of prior students with involvement in the CCHE during their academic training.  The CCHE Alumni Board intern will work with the leadership of the CCHE Alumni Board and the CCHE Directors to facilitate regular alumni input sessions, to maintain a presence on LinkedIn for the group, to connect alumni with potential community health equity career opportunities, and to facilitate networking with current student interns and high school/undergraduate/and graduate students.

Student Lead(s) for the Annual Health Equity Research Chicago Review Paper

The Annual Health Equity Research Chicago Review is a project led and organized by student lead(s) for the last 4 years.  The project involves the systematic identification and review of research articles and other resources to summarize the work on health equity knowledge generation and sharing in the Chicago region for a particular year.  Usually, a team of 4 or more students participates in the process of completing the working paper associated with the review over the course of an academic year.

Annual Health Equity and Social Justice Conference Planning Group Intern(s)

The CCHE has co-sponsored an annual Health Equity and Social Justice Conference with the faculty and staff in the DePaul Masters of Public Health program.  The Intern would be a CCHE member of the planning group and work with faculty/staff to support the announcement of the meeting, to handle agenda planning and logistical details, to manage abstracts for presentations and posters, and to assist with moderating sessions on the day of the event either in virtual or in-person formats.  Planning will be beginning in Winter 2021 for hosting an event in Fall 2021.

Student Lead(s) for CCHE Design for America Studio at DePaul University

The Student Lead for the CCHE Design for America studio would work with the sponsor to organize a team of volunteer students interested in using design thinking techniques to prototype a solution for a community need.  The student lead would handle the reporting of information regarding the project to the Design for America national team and attend or organize representation at regional and national events.

CCHE Summer Internship Organization Intern

The CCHE has been offering a summer internship for college students that are interested in pursuing health equity careers and are from diverse neighborhoods in the Chicago region.  The Organizational Intern would work with the Director of the CCHE Summer Internship in facilitating the logistics for announcements regarding the opportunity, interview of potential candidates, selection of candidates, onboarding of candidates at Rush University, support of the teaching team for the activities over the summer, and maintaining connections and contact with prior CCHE Summer interns to continue to engage them in health equity career development.