Lack of Access to Medication

By Margaret Harris What health inequality do you see as a big issue in your community? A health inequality I see as a major issue in my community is the accessibility to medication. As a pharmacy technician in one of Englewood’s few pharmacies, there is not one shift where I do not have to turn … Continue reading Lack of Access to Medication

Not All Heroes Need to Be White

By Ethan Pineda Imagine that right now you are currently a 53-year-old woman who was admitted to the hospital overnight. You spent the entire night in severe pain and in deep confusion as to what is wrong with you. When the doctors and nurses finally come to visit you in the morning, you realize then … Continue reading Not All Heroes Need to Be White

WIC as a Community Safe Haven

by Valerie Alvarez In marginalized communities, community organizations are a safe haven for those struggling with a numerous amount of problems. A problem in particular- teen pregnancy has affected the lives of multiple girls my age that are living in my neighborhood. I recall the struggling young girls my age that would seek resources from … Continue reading WIC as a Community Safe Haven

South Shore International College Prep

by Bukola Rinola I have seen a lack of promotion in health equity to young adults on the south side of Chicago.  However, there has been recent growth promoting the importance of understanding health equity. The Medical Program at South Shore International College Prep has helped young adults like myself to understand the meaning of … Continue reading South Shore International College Prep

Pencils, pens, paper…pacifiers?

by Esmeralda Vargas When the school year starts again, many students look forward to ordering that snazzy bookbag or perhaps buying those new Five Star notebooks. What a number of students don’t include in their shopping carts are baby bottles and newborn pacifiers. Some female teenagers have the responsibility of being a parent at a … Continue reading Pencils, pens, paper…pacifiers?