Growing up in East Garfield Park

I am 17 years old and I’ve lived in the East Garfield Park area for five years. Based on Chicago Health Atlas studies, there is an extremely low number of Child Opportunity index. Which I have experienced. Since, I turned 16 years old and I was legally able to get a job there weren’t any in my area. I’ve always had to go far North to find a job that accepted my age. This is quite surprising considering this area has a population of 20,234 and 6,844 residents that are children/teens are capable of working and participating in opportunities. However, I am more than just one of 20,234 children. I am looking for more ways to bring opportunities to the community through the Chicago Housing Authority, Break Through, and local High Schools. But, it takes more than just me to do so. Many children not just here will benefit from opportunities that are accessible.

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