Episode #8 of Equal Hope’s podcast- Disrupting Privilege: Conversations on Race and Health

John McIlwain and Mary Richardson Lowry talk to authors Fernando De Maio & Maureen Benjamins about their new book, “Unequal Cities: Structural Racism & the Death Gap in America’s Largest Cities.”  The core of their discussion centered on the importance of data in furthering the discussion around structural racism and poor health outcomes.  “The diseases have changed over the past century, but the root causes remain the same: structural racism.” 

S3, E1 – Eddilisa Martin, M&B Sciences Disrupting Privilege: Conversations on Race & Health

Dr. Patricia Robinson and John McIlwain discuss the important issue of Diversity in Clinical Trails with Dr. Eddilisa Martin, owner and founder of M&B Sciences. Diversity in Clinical trials is becoming a more and more important topic as we address the impact of Systemic Racism in our Healthcare System.  If trials to identify biomarkers or test new drugs exclude lived experiences from major segments of the American population, we are never going to truly get to equitable healthcare in this country.  

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