Debriefing of Health Inequities

Health inequities refer to the dramatic difference of healthcare availability between individuals in high income households and those who face economic hardships. It is evident that the Chicagoland area is divided by race and economic background, which translates to a lack in healthcare accessibility to those who cannot afford it. The homeless population in Chicago face the greatest hardships as they are exposed to unsanitary living conditions which is a main factor that contributes to their hospitalization. It is important for these individuals to have access to free clinics so that they can be treated for minor issues, thus lessening their risk of facing more serious health-related issues.

Individuals who do not have insurance or a primary physician/clinic they follow up with regularly are placed at higher risk for hospitalization. Consequently, once these individuals are discharged from the hospital without a plan of care implemented, they will be readmitted to the hospital in sometimes, even worse conditions. Therefore, having the ability to see a health professional on a regular basis is just one step in preventing complex medical cases from developing.

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