Your Native Language Is Not A Barrier

Born and raised in Pilsen has been a roller coaster of events. Throughout these 17 years of my life, I have seen my community go from being a sprinkle of Mexican culture to becoming a place I no longer recognize. When you hear Pilsen, you no longer hear about the delicious Mexican restaurants that brought … Continue reading Your Native Language Is Not A Barrier

Debriefing of Health Inequities

Health inequities refer to the dramatic difference of healthcare availability between individuals in high income households and those who face economic hardships. It is evident that the Chicagoland area is divided by race and economic background, which translates to a lack in healthcare accessibility to those who cannot afford it. The homeless population in Chicago … Continue reading Debriefing of Health Inequities

The problem behind closed doors.

I remember when my friend told me she was depressed because she was struggling with school and her house rent was increasing she afraid that her family could not keep up with rent. All these thoughts were going through her head and she felt like no one understood what she was going through that she … Continue reading The problem behind closed doors.

Are Chips a Vegetable?

Going down 55th and Lawndale on my neon pink bike, I remember taking constant trips to the corner store that was three minutes from my house. Before I even entered, I could hear the Spanish radio, “La Que Buena” playing throughout the store. As I opened the front door, the wind chimes made the small … Continue reading Are Chips a Vegetable?

Healthcare in Chicago: An Immigrant’s Perspective

I was born in Ecuador, but the past 14 years of my life have been spent in the Northwest Chicago neighborhoods of Albany Park, Kilbourn Park, Belmont Cragin, and Jefferson Park. Overall, my personal accounts of health inequities in my community are limited. I have been fortunate enough to have parents who, although setback by … Continue reading Healthcare in Chicago: An Immigrant’s Perspective